Getting tonned up or back into your exercise and nutrition program doesn't have to break your bank. With the help of Hi-End Fitness, if you are a student or under the age of 25 you automatically qualify for our Student Start up Special.

Personal trainer in Oakville, Personal trainer in Hamilton

Strength Training 4 x's / week 30 mins

  • Work in our private training studio with a professional trainer 4x's week for 30 minutes
  • Take all the guess work out of your gym time.
  • Get the motivation you need. Get pushed & have fun!
Personal trainer in Stoney Creek, Personal trainer in Ancaster

Customize Your Nutrition

  • Track your food with our mobile App. That way we can see what you're eating.
  • Get on the scale each week so we can see the results.
  • Wide variety of class times to suit your schedule
Personal trainer in Stoney creek, Personal Trainer in Hamilton

Motivation & Accountablity

  • To lose weight and keep it off for good, you need to change the way you think about nutrition and exercise.
  • IGet daily content filled emails and on-line support to help you get into the lifestyle.
  • Perfect your lifting form and build core strength

Why Hi-End Fitness?

Hi-End Fitness doesn't treat exercise & nutrition as an expensive, time-consuming hobby (or, worse, a chore). Our workouts are designed to fit into your life, so you get a strength-building routine you can sustain year after year, in a minimal time, using light weigh equipment you could even do at home.

Tons of Class Times

You're not locked into the same class times every week. We're open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. 6 days of the week, so you can always work out when you want to.

Full-Body Workouts

True strength is about balance. You'll spend most of your time developing your core and full body streth with body weight, dumbbels and barbells but we'll keep things well-rounded with cardio and isometric moves, too.

Plus, Fun Surprises!

Strength training is tough, so we love to reward you with fun surprises. Every day brings a special unique workout for our members. Working in a small group means you'll make friends that similar goals. Friends make workouts fun!

About Us

Physiotherapy based Personal training program Oakville

Work Out Smarter, Not Harder

PDora and I have been personal trainers our entire lives. I have been a trainer for 27 years. My wife for 20 years. We both have competative backgrounds in sport and athletics. We've been married for 15 years, we have 3 kids and we run our business together from our home. We live right here in Burlington. Down on the Lakeshore between Guelph Line and Walker's Line. 

When you choose to work with us you are hiring professionals with a lifetime of experience. We've tried all of the programs, and nutrition plans. We know what works. We have created this program to help people get back into fitness or get started for the very first time. This program is designed for people who want to lose weight, tone up, restore their energy or just get back into a healthy lifestyle. I you need some help to get started or some motivation or accountability to keep going this program is for you! 

Take a 3 pillar approach to your health and wellness program this time. Hire a tag team of professional coaches with experices. Use exercise, nutrition and personal develpment coaching to change your life. Register below to discuss program price and further details.