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JOIN MY Women's- 6 weeks Beginner's Only Body Transformation CHALLENGE!

Do you want to lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life?

Do you want eliminate some aches and pains in your body? 

Do you want to get stronger or have more energy?

Would you feel sexier if you could reduced your body-fat or if you were more toned up?

Do you need to know what to do when you go to the gym?

Do you need to clean up your nutrition or create a customized plan?

Are you confused about what to eat or what would be best for you?

Do you need motivation or support to move forward with your fitness, your nutrition or any other part of your life?

Would you like to avoid the crowds, line ups and gosip going on at the big box gym?

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Dora and I have been personal trainers our entire lives. I have been a trainer for 27 years. Dora has been a trainer for 20. 

We run Hi-End Fitness, our business, together from our home down on the Lakeshore between Guelph Line & Walker's Line right here in Burlington. 

My background was in Kinesiology & Psychology. I have been a lifetime athlete & an international level bodybuilder. 

Dora has been a lifetime runner & marathoner. She's an iridologist, a track coach, my wife and the mother of our 3 kids. 

We have devoted our lives to fitness and wellness and have created this 42 day program to help you change your life utilizing exercise, nutrition and personal development.

Stop wasting your time doing the wrong things. Get the information, motivation and accountability you need. Get into a system. Learn a method to creating success in your life.

Don't lose the weight and gain it back... Don't do what you've always done. Do something different this time. Hire some professional coaches. Make it a change of lifestyle this time. 

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Take a look at Lisa in the picture to the left. She lost 15 pounds in her first 6 weeks

Losing the weight and keeping it off means changing your mindset

If you want to make this a lifestyle switch in your life you need to make it a change of exercise, nutrition and mindset

More days of exercise each week then non-exercise! Show up 4 times a week for 30 minutes

Let us take the guess work out of what you should be doing at the gym. We'll select the exercise and teach you the correct form and technique 

We'll make sure the choice of exercise and the level of effort is appropriate for you personally.

We'll give you an app for your mobile device that will allow you to keep track of your food

As long as you are honest with yourself and really track your food we will know exactly how much calories, protein, carbs and fats you're consuming

Each week you will weigh in. With your food and your weight information we can make weekly adjustments to ensure that you are moving forward toward your goals

Keeping it off for a lifetime means making a change in the way you think about your exercise and nutrition

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❝ I never thought that I could get myself back into shape. John and Dora made me feel comfortable with myself every step of the way. They kept me motivated and got me back into fitness in 6 weeks. I haven’t felt good about my workout program since high-school. Thanks guys! ❞

Amanda lost 21 pounds in 6 weeks. She lost the baby weight that she was trying to lose without success for the last couple of years!

Rubie was so happy she lost this weight. She really wanted to inspire her daughter to realize that she could change her life too if she wanted.

She wanted to have more energy to manage all three of her kids and she wanted to feel better about herself.

Listen to what she had to say in the quote below:

"I always hated going to the gym... I have never enjoyed an exercise experience in my life. John & Dora actually know how to make exercise fun. The taught me how to enjoy my new lifestyle. At first I didn't think I could change my food but I was so surprised. My body adjusted. This program has changed me. I feel like a different person now!"

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Making a change with your weight, your health, your energy or any other part of your life and having that change last forever requires the manipulation of 3 major variables in your life! 

This progarm was created to make sure that you lose that weight and never gain it back again!

I want to make sure that you utilize everything in your power to make sure this is a total lifestyle change this time... 

This time use a Coach, Exercise, Nutrition & Personal Development to change your life!